Need A Dog Sitter is here to save the day or even Valentine’s Day when it comes to finding a dog sitter.Rover

Awe look at that cute pug in the picture!

This company has stolen my heart not because of the pug, well also the pug, but it’s a community of dog lovers running and helping out with the site.

Nothing is more trustworthy to me then dog lovers. Take for example, Sochi’s stray dogs who were rescued and now available for adoption.

Warms my heart this 2014 Winter Olympics this story.

Well, I hope everyone has a Happy St. Valentine’s Day with their sweethearts! Mine are pictured below.

Heart Pic


Pug Tricks

Who said pugs can’t do tricks?  Pugs are actually pretty amazing at doing tricks.  They love treats and will do anything for them.  My pug practically almost kills herself every time to get a treat or food.

So, I found the best videos of pugs doing tricks.
1. This pug can do 16 tricks. My fav is the “Figure 8” trick.

2. This pug is amazing with tricks especially her “give me 10” trick.

3. This pug is my Ophelia doing some of her tricks for treats.

Most Popular Pug Videos On YouTube

YouTube doesn’t just make humans famous, but pugs too.  I found the most popular pug videos on YouTube and surprisingly the pugs are either one eye like mine or have an unusual trait about them.

Jabba the Hutt pug has 12 million views  and has only one eye.

Loca the pug has 6 million views and runs a bit funny.

Puga has 4 million and has one eye too.

Pet Paint

Guess what?  You don’t have to have a dog groomer to paint your dog; you can do it yourself with PetPaint1277123_508869549200924_2044118864_o 

PetPaint is color hairspray that is safe and on sale now with Black Friday deals.

Now you can dress up your dog for any occasion, whether if it’s for a sporting event, a proposal or next year’s Halloween costume.


I think it will be the next way to surprise people with announcements like spraying on your pup, “We’re pregnant” or “I got the job!”

Hopefully, Ophelia and Bella will like being painted more than wearing a Halloween costume all day.

Let me know if you have tried this product and what you think about it.

One Eye Pug Information

I posted a picture of Ophelia, the one eye pug, yesterday on Instagram, and someone posted this comment:

“My pug is having surgery right now. He’s having his little eye removed. I’m guessing he’ll look like this.”

Ophelia cutie

I replied:

“I’m sorry to hear. It’s been two years since Ophelia’s eye has been removed. She’s just permanently winking all the time.”

Poor pugs have bulging eyes that tend to get scratched easier than most other dogs.

That is what happened to Ophelia on vacation.

Below is a video of her story about how she lost her little eye and how she recovered.

I learned a valuable lesson when Ophelia lost her eye…

1.  See an eye specialist right away

2.  Eye specialist aren’t that expensive and are close

3.  This happens to a lot of pugs… don’t blame yourself

Ophelia bounced back right away, and it has been two years since she lost her eye.

“She is just permanently winking all the time now.”

Ophelia after surgery with Bella

Ophelia after surgery with Bella

The Pug Whisperer

Pug Whisperers seem to be rare.  But why?

This man, Dave Torrey, has been deemed a pug whisperer because he decided to give pugs that are old, abused or neglected a home.  Dave Torrey’s story needs to be shared to show how anyone can help a pug or dog from all over the world just by giving them a home.

Sophia almost died by starvation.

Sophia almost died of starvation.

To the left is Sophia, who was found two days before she would have died of starvation.  Her previous owners left her without water or food for almost two weeks.

She was covered in fleas and couldn’t even stand when animal control found her.  She weighted only 11 lbs at three years old.

According to the National Humane Society, over 2.7 million dogs are killed due to abandonment.  Sophia was close to being added to this statistic, but still she needs a home.

Luckily, the Homeward Bound Pug Rescue, the Wichita Pug Rescue, and Midwest Pug Rescue are helping these poor pugs like Sophia receive health care and help them to find homes.

If you are interested in saving a pug or any dog… here is a list of Rescues across the nation. The best gift someone could ever give is unconditional love from a dog.

Save a dog just in time for the Holidays

Save a dog just in time for the Holidays

Pug Barks

Pugs come in many shapes and sizes… oh and barks.  For instance, my pug sounds like a chicken when she barks.  Here is the video to prove it.

This pug is wondering why his bark is making a baby laugh.

The “pug howl” has been mastered by this pug.

These pugs are barking, “No more monkeys jumping on the bed.”

This cute little pug’s bark sounds like a baby crying.