Pet Paint

Guess what?  You don’t have to have a dog groomer to paint your dog; you can do it yourself with PetPaint1277123_508869549200924_2044118864_o 

PetPaint is color hairspray that is safe and on sale now with Black Friday deals.

Now you can dress up your dog for any occasion, whether if it’s for a sporting event, a proposal or next year’s Halloween costume.


I think it will be the next way to surprise people with announcements like spraying on your pup, “We’re pregnant” or “I got the job!”

Hopefully, Ophelia and Bella will like being painted more than wearing a Halloween costume all day.

Let me know if you have tried this product and what you think about it.


Pug Fashion

When the weather starts changing, it’s time for a wardrobe makeover.  I was watching Shark Tank and saw this new company called Kane & Couture.  Kane & Couture has stylish, yet affordable fashion for dogs.

Only $36.00

After taking a look at their website, I decided Ophelia and Bella need some new clothes.

First maybe a new collar.  To the left is a blingish new, make the other pugs on the block jealous, type of piece.  For a second, I thought, “Oh no, this must be about $250,” but only $36.  Steal!

Bella’s new collar would look like a celebrity owns her. “Is that Taylor Swift’s min pin?”

By the way, that gold collar is $36 too.Goddess_Collar_2c29bf94-c62b-4a6f-aa50-5d3f6dbe0a9b_1024x1024

Fall is usually all about fashion and new looks for the holidays like… Pugsgiving, Black Pug Friday and Merry Pug Christmas.

If you need something for Pugsgiving or Merry Pug Christmas then this tux and fancy dress would be perfect and inexpensive.  Both available for only $20.

Just image your pugs or dogs all dressed up and ready to beg for Turkey in these outfits.



Only 45 days until Christmas! If you need to get into the holiday cheer here is a pug singing, It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas.

Looking for a pug lover’s gift… Pug Cookie Cutters available here!

Pug Rings

One way to show off your pug spirit is to get the latest accessories in pug wear.  Etsy, the worldwide unique marketplace, seems to have the latest in pug accessories.

PugRings To the left is the YaciKopo Handmade Pug Rings.  It looks like little pugs hanging on your fingers.

On the top is Bogey the Pug Ring and on the bottom is Wire Wrapped Pug.

If your looking for a more unique pug accessory the Pug Slave Cuff Bracelet would be perfect or the OOAK Slave Cuff Bracelet 
Christmas is approaching and you need to make sure everyone knows you need some pug accessories in your life like these ones.

Dog License Plates

I was walking to my car after work yesterday and noticed another car with their dog’s picture and name on their front license plate.  I was like genius!  Never would have thought to put my pups mugs on the front of my car. 

I decided I need one too.

The best website I found was  

Took me only two minutes to upload my picture and add my text…

Pug LicenseWallah!! A beautiful new front license plate of my pups.

Luckily, the state of Kansas allows custom front license plates and for those who don’t know if their state does look below.

Map of which states require 1 or 2 license plates on passenger vehicles

   State requires both front and rear plates.
   State only requires rear plate.
   State requires rear plate only, for some passenger vehicles.
***If you get a dog front license plate maybe this won’t happen to you.***
Please let me know if you have a dog license plate, and what website you got it from too.

Labor Day Sale On Pug Pillows

pug pillowIf you need a pug pillow this year is having a huge pug pillow sale for Labor Day.

***Please do not use actual pugs as pillows. They’re way to cute to be squishy.***

Zazzle’s collection is unbeatable with a wide selection for everyone in the family.

For the kids……………pug not drug

For the parents…………………… pugpug mom

For when you get stressed out…………………………….hug a pug

Or customize your pillow with your pugs name…….I love my pug

Looking at the “Keep Calm and Hug Pugs” pillow for me since the school year started. Well I better hurry and order since this sale ends today.  Yikes!!

Pug Fashion and Jewelry

The Gucci pug charm is a must have item for pug lovers.  lovefashionandpugs had this pug item on her blog.  It is by far the cutest pug item I’ve ever seen.  I can’t wait for her blog to post more pug fashion items.

I also found a pug charm bracelet that I love too. It is a little cheaper than the Gucci pug charm, and made with Austrian crystals.

Check out both pug charms to see which one you want the most.

Easter Sale on Pug Eggs

Pug eggs are orange egg-like shape squeaker toys. The pug eggs are $9 and $2 off when you purchase a half dozen.

Ophelia got a pug egg at the Wichita Pug Meetup last month. She held it in her mouth the whole car ride home.  When we got home though her sissy, Bella,  pulled it out of her mouth and tore the squeaker out of the toy and destoryed it.

Apparently Bella doesn’t like squeakers.

Ophelia was sad, and here is her sad face.